Fibre Alchemy and me!

Sculpture uniquely allows me to feel the form of my creations, to actually infiltrate every fibre with my own physical energies. I intuitively create the essence of each animal, how my soul sees their soul, with the freedom to use colour, texture and form – no boundaries.

Each piece requires many hours of study and focus to build up the bone and muscle structures that whilst not seen in the final pieces, provide the core and heart of the sculpture. These hours spent with my creations are meditative and I am privileged to get to know them and when I add the last details we are ready to say goodbye… Ready for another to take them on to a new adventure.

Allow me to introduce you to my world… my personal Garden of Eden.

That's enough about me...

What better way to showcase your love of animals than with a sculpture—a 3D portrait—created out of organic or recycled fibre?
Whether you would like to re-live a memory of a pet or have a first ever encounter with an living, extinct or fantastical being. You can commission a specific piece or choose one of my own creations.
Have a look at the Art and Bespoke pages and let me know what connnection I can bring to life for you!



Just Fishing

If you're visiting the river and you are lucky enough to notice a kingfisher sitting, patiently waiting. Enjoy the moment, because in a flash he will be gone...